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As well as being listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (CCV), Cash Converters is worldwide the group is a franchised retail network It specializes in the sale of second-hand goods.
Our business is the purchase and sale of second-hand products to individuals. Our particularity is to buy cash products and to sell products with a guarantee after having been verified and controlled.

At Cashies, we'll pay you to recycle your quality goods. Bring in the things you no longer need, and we'll give you instant cash in return.
A Cash Converters store offers an extremely diverse and constantly evolving range of products. Buying stock from customers daily, our franchisees can enjoy a high degree of flexibility in pricing, allowing them to respond to fluctuating economic cycles. 

A Cash Converters store is divided into two distinct departments: retail sales and buying. The retail area maximizes the potential of the available floor space, while separate sections are created for buying stock.

Cash Converters believes in the highest standards of presentation and service. All stores are branded with our corporate colors, systems, and signage.

We have brought the operation out of the back streets so that today we can be found positioned alongside leading high street retailers.