As well as being listed on the Australian and UK Stock Exchange (CCV), Cash Converters is worldwide.

The history of Cash Converters dates back to November 1984, when Brian Cumins, the Company's founder, and former Chairman, began operating his first retail outlet in Perth, Western Australia. 

During the next four years, the merchandising formula and trading style that has underwritten the group's success were developed and tested in the marketplace. A total of seven stores were open and trading profitably before the franchising of Cash Converters began with the opening of two franchised outlets in Perth in June 1988. 

In 1990 the group began to expand into the other Australian States and now has over 150 outlets throughout Australia.

The Company's carefully planned entry into Europe was launched in 1991 when the first store in the United Kingdom was opened at Gants Hill in Essex. Since then further, stores have opened in the UK taking the total to over 200 stores.

The Company's first non-English speaking market joined the network in December 1994. 

Since launching the concept in 1984 Cash Converters has grown enormously with representation in 21 countries worldwide and to a network of over 750 stores.

Today’s figures of Cash Converters network :